This sample application illustrates the use of AuthSub authentication to access Google Data feeds.

To start using this sample, you can enter the URL for an Atom feed or entry in the input box above, or you can click on one of the example feeds below. Some of these feeds require you to authorize this app to have access. To avoid authorizing over and over, sign in to this application above and previous authorization tokens will be stored for future use.

Sample Feed URLs

Publicly viewable feeds
Feeds which require authorization

To learn more about how this sample works, read the article on Retrieving Authenticated Google Data Feeds with Google App Engine.

In addition to reading information in Google Data feeds, it is also possible to write to some of the Google Data services once the user has granted permission to your app. For more details on the capabilities of the different Google Data service see the home page for Google Data APIs.

This app uses the gdata-python-client library.